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As you know, the safety of the children under our care is one of our most important responsibilities. To help us keep the students safe and to help us keep track of all the students under our care, the following policies will be implemented this year.
1) If your child is going to be absent, please call the school in the morning. Students may not leave the school unless they have a note from their parents and they are picked up by an adult at the office.
2) Any student that is late must report to the office where students will be given a slip for admittance to class.
3) Our Nutrition Breaks are at 10:40 am and 1:20 p.m. A child who normally stays for lunch and is leaving must be picked up by an adult at the office so they can be logged out. Any student who leaves the building without written permission shall be deemed truant and will face the consequences.
4) All parents/visitors/volunteers etc. to the school are asked to report to the main office and sign in the visitor’s book. Parents are not permitted to walk through the school to get their child during the school day. If a student is being picked up for an appointment they will be called down when an adult arrives.